my shit is so fucking lost it’s on the other end of town

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redraw of [this]!


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Here’s a recap of the alternate universe “if sailor moon were set in a art nouveau paris 1900 world. 

I wish to have time to do maybe 3 more like this 

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It’s been quiet awhile since I have posted any cosplay photos. But a bit ago I got some pictures back from Cliff from a mini shoot we did at Fanime! I figured it’s about time I post them somewhere.

Photos are by Cliff Nordman! cliffnordman

Sailor Moon is me

Chibi Moon is starmiyas

Tuxedo Mask is Katherine


WHERE did this cuteness come from???? I was so shocked and delighted.

There are some issues with the costume, which I will likely remake in the future now that I know what I am doing. Wig is not complete, tiara is not here, and the choker is not here either, but even still.

I can’t believe how good it looks. Aaaaaaaaaaahasdlkfasd.


Sailor Moon [link] and Queen Beryl [link] at Dragon Con 2014

Photographer: Photosxns
Cosplayers: Olivia’s Atelier (@oliviasatelier) & ElfGrove (@elfgrove)

Princess Serenity’s Dress: An Analysis and Break-Down


Hey, Sailor Moon fandom, hey…

It’s that time again where I talk too much. This time let’s discuss Princess Serenity’s famous dress which is well-known as an interpretation of the “Palladium” / “Il Palladio” dress in the Christian Dior, Haute Couture Spring/Summer 1992 collection. Here’s a very nice post by Moonie Trivia with detailed pics comparing them with the included inspiration, an Ionic column.


So what more is there to add, really?

Well, let’s take a little trip down history and fashion lane.

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