…dont you tempt me into painting myself green, Woman!

I love Benn.

I can’t even describe the ridiculous antics that happened while shooting other than “DAGRON!!!!”

Please. You’re damn fine and you know it. You just eat like a Kansas trucker.

It’s how my booty is so fly.

I think it’s the mayo we’re all worried about here, hon


I’m not just eating it on its own I swear!

Like really well. Like whoa.

First time I’ve felt regret over cutting my hair.

I’ve definitely had stuff on my list that long

I wish I could say this is the most delayed plan I’ve made, but alas. I’m lazy.

My Catwoman costume was supposed to be done the first time Gill made Catwoman. Whoops.

Ohhh, perfect!

My wig is also almost here (it was a group order so a friend has it until Sunday) so yeah I guess this is happening for sure now.

Holy shit I didn’t think Alex could pull off Scott but apparently I was really really wrong. Dibs on Stiles.


I know what’s up.