The Essential Pokemon Amigurumi Collection - Created by Johnny Navarro

The complete lineup of your favorite Pokemon is now available for sale at Johnny’s Etsy Shop. Each Pokemon is made to order, and should be the perfect addition on your hunt to become a Pokemon Master. You can also check out more of Johnny’s quality craftwork over at his Facebook page!

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Speaking of creepy cute things…This arrived today!

I digital sculpted this Litwick tea light holder and had it 3D printed in Ceramic from Shapeways. 

Happy (early) Halloween!

Ps: I’m going to get some of these cool colored led lights for it!

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yaexrae as Professor Sycamore. Carefreeblackmagicalgirl as the PokeTrainer with the best you have got to be kidding me face ever.


Chrys Watches GoT [x]

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Ash and Misty as trainees at the Team Rocket Academy AU x (suggested by anonymous)

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Artist: DAI(ФωФ)

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Costumes for sale!

These all need to go to help clean out my closet and fund future endeavours! Prices are negotiable within reason, and if you’re local (GTA, Canada) we can arrange pickup to save on shipping! I am also attending Stage Select, Atomic Lollipop, and Con Bravo and can arrange something there.